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This blog is all about mindfulness in London. The benefits of mindfulness are widely reported: the practice not only feels wonderful, it also improves your physical health, your relationships, your ability to focus and your appreciation of the natural world.

There are many options for the mindfulness student in London – possibly too many. This can be pretty frustrating for busy Londoners: with limited time and cash, it is disappointing to attend a mediocre class when a better one may be taking place in the next neighbourhood.

I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness for seven years, and am a newly-qualified yoga teacher, so hopefully my reviews will be helpful to people who are new to the practice.

While yoga and meditation are excellent ways to practice mindfulness, there are plenty of others. Visiting an art gallery can be a very mindful experience, as can taking a stroll in the park. I’m hoping to explore these alternative methods and see how they compare to a ‘traditional’ mindfulness practice.

I also hope to demonstrate the importance of taking the time to cultivate a mindfulness practice, and to show that this is not an activity for the weak or the self-indulgent, as its critics may argue, but an essential life tool and an excellent source of wisdom, strength and clarity. It is also worth noting that in many schools of psychology and philosophy, mindfulness is intrinsically linked to the practice of developing a compassionate heart.

As the Dalia Lama once said:

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

Once a month (or more frequently if possible!) I will test a new mindful experience, and report back on my findings. If you’d like me to review a particular class or event, please write a comment at the end of one of my posts. I also hope to interview experts on mindfulness and compassion, and report on events and developments in this field.

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